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White book with large white moth illustration and the title, "I Say a Word," laying on white fabric next to a white cup with coffee

Debut Collection

In her debut collection, I Say a Word, poet and influencer Johanna Ashira reckons with existential anxiety, confronting tension, ambiguity, and the question of meaning with an immersive yet impartial attitude that invites readers to intuit their own conclusions. 


Written in her signature lucid yet hypnotic free verse, the poems in this collection defy neatly ordered cognitive binaries. Instead, Ashira dives head first into the blurred horizons between love and violence, loss and achievement, and myth and reality–ultimately pointing toward the startling potential for peace in full view of the absurd. 


For readers seeking psychologically and philosophically stirring poetic insight, I Say a Word delivers with masterful execution. Order your copy today to own Johanna Ashira’s exceptional debut. 

Please note: This image is a stylized mockup. Actual book dimensions and physical attributes may vary.

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