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About Johanna

Johanna Ashira is a writer and designer who helps small brands develop big voices and bold visuals through brand development, content strategy, and design products and services.

By combining her expertise in writing, design, and entrepreneurship, Johanna has become a one-stop-shop for small brands aiming to elevate their success. She has worked with a wide variety of small businesses, including coffee shops, online coaches, clothing brands, photographers, non-profits, and more, to visually and verbally increase their brand visibility, memorability, and revenue, both online and off.

Design Background

From logos to full brand identity design, apparel graphics, branded illustrations, web design, product packaging, print promotions, and more, Johanna has developed a comprehensive set of graphic design skills and a versatile style from years of working in teams, with one-on-one clients, and on personal projects.

Writing and Marketing Background

Alongside her design work, she has built a sizable following on Facebook with her poetry and prose posts, expressing the chaos and clarity she has navigated while simultaneously healing her trauma and building an authentic personal brand and business over the past few years. Having learned a great deal in the process, Johanna now provides brand messaging, content creation, and copywriting consultations in addition to offering done-for-you writing and video editing services to help small brands reach and endear large audiences. 

Service Packages & Digital Resources 

Johanna also runs an Etsy shop where clients can purchase standard design service packages and small brand owners who are on a budget or who prefer the DIY approach can purchase helpful, affordable digital resources such as Canva templates, pre-designed branding kits, social media bundles, and more.


Johanna is also a self-published author, with her debut poetry collection, I Say a Word, now available on Amazon in paperback.

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Connect with Johanna
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Follow Johanna on social media (especially Facebook) to read her poetry, prose, and honest, behind-the-scenes takes on navigating life and small business ownership as a creative with a rough past. 


Visit the Books page to learn more about and purchase her arresting debut poetry collection, I Say a Word, and/or download three poems from the collection for free. 

Visit Johanna's Etsy shop to order standard service packages and pick up helpful, affordable digital products for small businesses. 

Go to the Projects page to view her design portfolio.


Fill out the form on the Contact page to get a free quote and a breakdown of how she can help your next design project, content strategy, or marketing campaign succeed.

Scroll down this page to find her author bio.

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Poetry Collection

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Design Portfolio

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Etsy Shop

Author Bio

Johanna Ashira writes cathartic free verse poetry and prose. Known for inciting revelation in her readers with her personal yet universally resonant voice, her written work has garnered a large, deeply engaged following on Facebook. In her debut poetry collection, I Say a Word, Ashira reckons with existential anxiety, immersing readers in the blurred horizons between binary concepts and revealing the startling potential for peace in full view of the absurd.

Three poems for free

Join the newsletter and get three poems from my debut collection, I Say a Word, for free!

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