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Success with integrity is easy.

Develop and grow a spiritually fulfilling AND financially successful business without force.

When your values are your north star, everything falls into place. 

Watch the video to learn how I transformed my business according to my will, and how you can too.

You do not have to sacrifice your spiritual values to be successful in business, and you do not have to sacrifice money to retain your spiritual integrity.

When you build your business in alignment with your core values and commit to upholding them no matter what, the people you’re here to serve are easy to find and engage, offer development becomes empathic, and messaging is as natural as speaking from the heart.

I'm Johanna Ashira and over the past few years, I’ve gone from my will being crippled by self-doubt and stress, feeling cornered into compromising my values to survive, and being blind to who I’m here to serve and how…


To providing for my family on a single income by prioritizing my values in my business, knowing exactly who I serve and how, reaching my audience deeply with truly authentic communication, and trusting myself to have my own back in all matters, at all costs.


To get here, not only did I undergo a massive spiritual transformation, but I also challenged myself to extract only the mainstream business and marketing principles that align with my values, and to innovate new business development solutions that make success with integrity possible.

Designing your spiritual business should be an illuminating and inspiring process that leads you to success in both your business AND spiritual purpose.


In this 5-part masterclass you will

  • Clarify and commit to your values

  • Choose an audience that shares your values

  • Develop a truly empathic offer

  • Create a values-driven mission statement

  • Align your messaging with your mission


By the end of the class, you’ll possess a solid foundational strategy for how to grow your spiritually fulfilling AND financially successful business.


You’ll know with aligned certainty exactly who you serve and how, and you’ll understand how to reach your audience more deeply than anyone else in your niche, thereby activating inbound sales.


And perhaps most importantly, you’ll finish the class with a newfound trust in yourself and confidence in the value of your dreams.


After check-out you'll instantly receive the links to download all 5 audio lessons and the PDF work-book, so you can immediately get started building out your business based on your values, and take a huge leap toward achieving the success with integrity everyone told you was impossible.


It's time to prove them wrong.

Image by Jerome Barre

What you'll gain

Crystal clear core values and precise certainty on who you're here to serve, without years of testing.
An empathic offer that answers your audience's needs and desires without tedious guesswork. 
Messaging that is natural for you to deliver and naturally inspires sales.
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When your business is powerfully rooted in who you are, there is zero competition.

With authentic messaging, your engagement will not only increase in frequency but in quality...

"That is some holy shit right there. I just keep reading it. It's the exact medicine right now. Thank you for this absolute lightning strike of wisdom and clarity."


Hannah T., Relationship Coach

"Oh my God, this is so good I am barely able to hold it in my consciousness."


Roksana B., Radical Love Coach

"I feel myself melting, opening and activating reading your words, Johanna."


Maria D., Feminine Healing Coach

Image by Emilio Garcia

Your audience will convert themselves into clients and seek you out...

And when they work with you, they'll get deeply valuable results.

I had some strange ideas about business before Johanna set me straight. Something about needing to curtail my genius in case it scared off my customers. Johanna taught me that it was my genius that would save my business, not destroy it.

She also helped me uncover what that genius was, and how to present it to attract my most resonant customers. This made the whole process of promoting my business fun again - an expression of my Self - rather than a chore.

Lloyd Powell, Last Mile Counseling
It just feels so much more fun and real to write. That’s the gift. The engagement has gone up - that’s for sure. And I love that. But it’s more like I’m accessing more of that which I REALLY want to bring through.

Jae Schaefer, Life & Soul Guide for Millennials & Gen Z
Image by Joshua Reddekopp

Success with integrity awaits.

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