Take the fast track
to success with integrity.

Get all the bespoke strategic guidance you need to scale your spiritual business without force in an hour.

Say goodbye to working harder.

Get clear on what is restraining your momentum toward your next level--
and cut it.
Align your strategy with your strengths and values so that scaling is a naturally successful and creative pleasure, not
a daunting task.
Rise above your competition by identifying, empathizing with, and offering solutions to your audience's unmet needs, in both your messaging and delivery. 
Develop and launch your next-level offers with certainty and sell them with simple systems that do all the heavy lifting for you.
Image by John Shen

When you strategize for success with your natural strengths and values as your compass, scaling gets to be fun and easy.

The tension between the level you're leaving and the leap you're preparing to take can cause you to feel overwhelmed, lose perspective on what matters, subconsciously self-sabotage, and ultimately kill your success in scaling your spiritual business if you don't know how to ground your efforts in your values, value, strengths, and vision.

That's where I come in. I'm Johanna Ashira, and when you book a Scaling Strategy Session with me, you get so much more than a video call. 

All the hard work takes place before our session-- and you don't have to do any of it.


After you fill out the short questionnaire I send you instantly upon booking, I research, analyze, and strategize your next-level launch for you and compile it all into a branded PDF report that I email you for easy reference.


Then we meet virtually and discuss so that you leave the session crystal clear on how to scale your business with integrity, quickly, easily, and successfully. 

How it works

Hover over each step below for more details.


You fill out a short client questionnaire.

I request links to all your relevant social profiles and websites, and ask you about your current business circumstances and future vision.


I conduct in-depth research into your brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Known as a SWOT analysis, this exercise allows us to clearly assess what needs fixing, removing, including, and emphasizing in your business to optimize success on your terms.


I compile and deliver a thorough report including the results of my analysis and strategic recommendations for growth.

Plus, I include an intuitive assessment of the brand values, value, message, and voice your current presence communicates from a consumer perspective, and then offer suggestions for how to shift brand perception where needed.


We meet virtually for 60 minutes to clarify and discuss my analysis and recommendations.

Once you've read through my report and gathered your questions and responses, we have a focused discussion to further clarify and align your strategy with your strengths, values, and vision.


You leave the session with a clear understanding of how to scale with confidence and ease.

Because we based your growth strategy on your strengths, values, and vision in conjunction with your audience's unmet needs, scaling your business now gets to be fun, easy, and predictably successful. 

See results like these in your business when you apply what I recommend in our strategy session.

Stats from my last launch.