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Personal Branding: How to define yourself without confining yourself
Project description

This long-form thought leadership blog post on personal branding is a self-directed and self-published project. It packages my field research and expertise into three mindset shifts that make branding naturally successful. This piece exemplifies my ability to relate to my audience by researching and sharing helpful information with compelling narrative delivery. 


My audience for this piece was creative entrepreneurs and professionals trying to define their brands without confining themselves.


The goal of this blog post was to help reduce public identity stress for actual or potential creative personal brand owners and to answer the question:



Is it possible to build a personal brand that appeals to your audience but doesn’t limit your creativity and spontaneity? I spent years researching this question by recreating my brand countless times, learning the insights I share in this post through experience. 


In this 1000+ word blog post, I offer three mindset shifts that allowed me the freedom to be myself in my brand. The philosophy of personal branding that I present here deepened the magnetism and widened the influence of my brand considerably.

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Vivid, concise phrasing. Original thought leadership. Deep engagement. 

Social media content engagement for Genius is Not a Crown
Project description

I wrote this post directly responding to a trend among spiritual business coaches, marketing genius as a status symbol. Knowing that my audience values my critical commentary on topics like these, I drafted this post as a stream-of-consciousness and edited it down to gold. The engagement on this post is both high-quantity and high quality with 22 organic shares out of 89 total reactions and a comment section full of positive deep resonance.



My audience for this piece was fellow creative entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers in my Facebook following. 



The goal of this Facebook post was to criticize the trending glorification of genius as a symbol of social power and to guide my audience toward a more balanced and humble understanding of the topic. 



What is "genius" and how can one relate to it without being consumed by arrogance?



In this influential social media post, I spoke against the distortion many in my audience felt but hadn't put into words. I offered an alternative definition and way to relate to the spirit of genius that steers clear of narcissism and instead begets integrity.

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