Unconscious Terror of Abundance

Updated: Aug 13

The false manifestation principle that distracts you from the real reason you still stress over having, no matter how much you have.

Some of you lie.

Not because you're bad people, but because all of us have been indoctrinated with the "fake it til you make it" manifestation principle. The idea behind it, to get you to believe in your ability to achieve your dreams, is altruistic, but the absorption and application of this principle can be counteractive at best, and in some cases devastating to your belief in yourself.

This sounds dramatic, and it can be, but most often its manifestation is subtle. The way you curate your content, what you don’t show, the word choice, tone and intent of what you do show—all of these betray your true state of being. If you are faking your claimed expertise or success, people will know. Even if your intentions are good, the gap between the truth and the show weakens your magnetic influence, pushing the abundance you desire always just out of reach.

But if that doesn't devastate you, what hurts worse is that deep down, you know you are lying. Even if you consider yourself an honest person and don't consciously subscribe to the "fake it til you make it" principle, you may be surprised to find this approach to manifesting success embedded deeply in your choices.

Posting when you have nothing potent to share because you believe you must post regularly to grow your following. Going live "to foster authentic connection" with your audience, when really you just need to pay bills. Creating offers that you aren't totally certain you can deliver, bypassing your normal personal boundaries to convert clients, and saying you're passionate about your work when part of you just wants to sleep for 2 years straight... all of these are examples of the insidious "fake it" program.

Why are we so drawn as a collective to faking our way through life? How is it so deeply embedded that we struggle to notice it, and so easily say, "I'm real!"?

Because true abundance is all around us and inside us at all times, and to the uninitiated, it is utterly terrifying.

For your consciousness to maintain structural integrity even as it simultaneously shreds in the overwhelm of the infinite abundance of everything, you need the bravery of a fool, and the love of a warrior as your compass.

Ironically, the fool’s intuition guides him into sobering wisdom that molds him to be able to hold the terrible tension of what it’s like to really have it all. His private mastery of knowing and having both nothing and everything renders him a true leader.

In contrast, if you allow your unconscious terror of overwhelm to rule you and try to hide it in your leadership, your rewards will be empty, even if they are plenty.

Abundance is not more of only the things you want; it is just MORE, because it is Everything. Your response to that overwhelming More determines what you get more of.

Your cells remember the traumatic overwhelm of your first conscious moments, before filters were set up to protect you from sensory overload.

This was your first experience of abundance—everything at once. Too much. Consciously you think you want it, or already have it, but your body remembers what it felt like—death.

This is why you sabotage yourself. This is why even when you achieve what you want by faking and forcing your way there (pretending of course that it's real), it’s not as fulfilling as you’d imagined.

There is nothing wrong with starting new projects and believing in your dreams; true abundance does include everything you want from the feeling it will give you to the material proof of it. But it starts with deep self-honesty and comes slowly, from the inside out, at the cost of your patience and willingness to process your terror of the infinite everything else it might include.

Are you willing to pay that price?


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