The Gift of Failure

Updated: Aug 13

Magnetic influence requires electric insight. Lightning strikes when the tower needs to fall to set you free.

The quality of your presence determines the quality of your impact on others.

Magnetic influence correlates to growth in following, high engagement rates, and bigger opportunities, but it cannot be reliably measured by these stats. The depth to which your content penetrates the beings that consume it (its impact), is the true measure of influence.

If the quality of your presence is divided against itself, the quality of your impact, and therefore your influence, is compromised.

If you want to reach your audience more deeply, deepen. Practice objectively analyzing your presence for expressions of resistance to your own depth. Sacrifice your resistance and sink deeper. Do not emerge without treasure.

These shamanic submersions roll out to the rhythm of your natural cycles of rest and creation. Often misinterpreted as burn-out, or failure, your calling to the depths is a better investment opportunity than any other you could take.

When you go deep enough, you pass into the archetypal dimension, where the meaning of everything you experience on the surface is revealed in collective symbol and story. The wisdom you receive while submerged in the archetypal (collective unconscious) is the value your audience craves, even if they don’t know it.

Where I see spiritual small brands, business owners, and influencers get hung up most is delivery of their wisdom. I know people with incredible expertise in their field, who are familiar with the underworld journey and its value, but whose online presence fails to generate momentum and impact. I know others who have their offer dialed in, all the business systems in place, ads running, gorgeous websites, and thousands of followers but whose reach plateaus at a dozen likes and a couple of emoji comments per post.

Magnetic influence and electric impact require courage and pristine delivery, speaking directly to the audience’s subconscious, whether it is in the form of a product, service, ad, or social post.

Common interferences include:

  • Contriving relatability—imposing structure not inherent in the message to dilute its otherworldly intensity and potential for controversy.

  • Trigger posting—purging your personal conflicts on social to connect with your audience.

  • Denied desperation—neglecting to address the pain of your personal struggle for success in private while trying to sell with your content.

The common denominator between these self-sabotaging behaviors is terror—terror of your own intensity, depth and power. Terror of the responsibility of having great impact. Terror of the pain of failure. Terror of getting stuck in the underworld of "burn-out" and never making it back to the surface. Terror that even if you do, no one will be able to relate to you.

When you overlay subconscious fear of your own power onto an otherwise potent message, its impact is diminished accordingly. But don't worry if you're stuck in this pattern; its entropic nature always leads to burn-out, where you will once again have the opportunity to deepen your experience of self into the archetypal and to mine it for spiritual gold.

Your relationship to your own depth is where true influence begins and ends.

Seen as "burn-out" or failure, these cyclical submersions drain your energy at a fundamental level, chipping away at your resilience to uphold the quest you set out on. You fight your way through them, punishing yourself with guilt for losing motivation, robbing yourself of the regenerative capacity you innately possess if you would only receive the gift of your descent.

Magnetic influence requires electric insight. Lightning strikes when the tower needs to fall to set you free. Embrace "burn-out" and the self-reflection it brings. Face all the monsters trying to keep you in the loop. Give yourself and your brand the dignity of public silence when you're freaking out. Address and resolve the emotional pain of whatever you experience as "failure" by experiencing it with a willing consciousness where you would normally dissociate. You will see, failure is a gift.


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