Self-worth & organic influence: content marketing advice for spiritual coaches

Updated: Aug 13

Your value as a person needs no proof or explanation. Your value as a business does. Stop conflating the two.

Self-worth & organic influence: content marketing advice for spiritual coaches

Organic influence is an intuitive art.

More about being than doing or knowing, if force is applied, its magical charge is lost.

Your brand is not only how you want to be perceived—it communicates how you perceive and experience yourself. Subconscious fear, desire, and pain are automatically encoded into your presence, whether physical or digital.

If you offer help conquering the fear, fulfilling the desire, or alleviating the pain you have yet to master and prove within yourself and in your own life, it comes through in your presence.

If you talk about influence, have the meaningful engagement on your feed and in your messages to back it. If you teach polarity, live it every day in your relationship exactly as you teach it. If you build celebrities, make someone famous (like yourself) before you try to sell it as a service. It seems basic, but the inflated sense of self-mastery that would have you do otherwise is too common not to address.

Pretend mastery is your way of masking your imposter syndrome.

Admitting this triggers you into the same fear, desire, or pain you pretend to be able to solve for others because you haven’t solved it for yourself. If you have imposter syndrome, it’s because you are imposing your need to prove your own value onto your audience.

If you are using your brand to prop up your injured self-esteem, you are killing your magnetism.

Although you’d rather bypass than face it, your uncertainty of your value as a person and the distorted insights you try to sell as a result, have more of an impact than the message you think you’re delivering. That’s why you attract trolls more than your target audience. That’s why no one shows up to your launches. That’s why you spend more money on business coaches than you make in your own business.

Organic influence is an intuitive art whose muse will not grace you until you stop playing these twisted games with yourself and your audience.

Your value as a person needs no proof; your value as a business does. Stop conflating the two. If you are disconnected from your innate value, you cannot provide true value to others because you're too busy trying to get them to value you.

If you want to develop magnetic presence and organic influence, the first order of business is to reconnect to your essence, to the value that cannot be sold. No perception of success or failure can modify the pricelessness of your signature frequency.

If you skip this and move straight to developing new offers, strategies, and systems, reflections of the worthlessness you fear will only increase. If you are not worth your own patience and commitment to develop true self-mastery, you are not worth investing in for those who might if you did.

For the sake of your integrity and your potential for massive impact, extract your identity from the fake-it-til-you-make-it paradigm, address your self-worth issues, and don’t market or charge to help others solve problems you still have.


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