Innate Wealth: Why You Subconsciously Seek Relief From What You Say You Desire

Updated: Aug 13

Wealth and influence do not obey effort, talent, or intelligence.

They can’t be ransomed for sacrifice. They are not awarded for virtue or vice. There are no codes to crack or systems to hack, no value to prove or provide.

Wealth is neutral and innate. It obeys how you choose to relate to it.

From the destitute to the elite, and everywhere in between, wealth and influence are seen as something to achieve, grow, and maintain. The wars that are fought, and the lives that are lost as the cost, all in vain. Money and power flow like sap from the butchered branches of the collective canopy down to the dry roots, but it’s never enough for anyone.

Almost everyone dissociates from what is neutral and innate. Almost everyone relates to money as wealth, to wealth as power, to power as worth, and to worth as worthiness of finally having it all. It’s just another instance of the aftermath of the myth of the Fall.

If what you seek is what you have, why dissociate?

Because to truly have it all, you must admit that you ARE The All.

The polarized paradox of what that feels like to be, the infinite tension of ultimate responsibility, the chaos of unbound choice between, beneath and in everything—THAT is wealth.

What you really seek is relief. To have it all without having to be it all.

Wealth obeys how you choose to relate—when you try to manipulate, you’re the one who gets played.

Pretend powerlessness to remain relatable. Glorify your poverty as God-given purity. Reject responsibility, project it onto those with more. Take sides in the war you claim to oppose. Conquer the land of your soul for gold. Work yourself into the ground to feel deserving. Cry out, “Why have you forsaken me?” as you forsake yourself. Keep affirming your value as you deny your own unending wealth.

There is no relief. You are The All. No matter how far you think you’ve fallen, or how close you think you’ve come, there is no true escape from what is innate.

Undivided desire for the wealth you already have, is the pure self-fulfilling bliss you hoped to find in relief from being conscious of it.

For those who are ready to relate to and experience wealth as the unlimited, effortless quality of being that it is, here’s what I suggest.

  • Destroy everything that stands between your awareness and your being. All the narratives you've used to shield yourself from the wealth that is already yours, and the pain of believing they were true, must go.

  • Train yourself through exposure to remain conscious in chaos, tension, and paradox.

  • Spend and receive money as nothing more or less than the unavoidable result of your existence.

  • Download my free content marketing strategy for spiritual coaches and find out how easy it truly can be to generate multi-dimensional wealth by being ALL that you are.


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