3 powerful content marketing tips for spiritual coaches to explode their organic engagement

Updated: Aug 13

Demonstrating and delivering relevant value in your content will put you on the playing field, but to win the hearts of your audience in a sea of other spiritual coaches trying to prove their value, you need to go deeper with your strategy.

3 powerful content marketing tips for spiritual coaches to explode their organic engagement

Here’s how I dramatically increased my Facebook post engagement, grew my organic reach, and established the influence that now sends inbound leads my way almost every time I post.

#1 Understand value perception in the spiritual vs. mainstream markets

When someone buys a coffee maker, their reason for purchasing is anchored in the tangible result of being able to make coffee at home.

The spiritual market’s value perception is based on an entirely different principle.

Spiritual audiences want to be revealed to themselves through the messages you bring forth. If your content does not offer that opportunity, they move on.

To provide value in your content in a spiritual market is to activate revelation in the individuals reading it.

The question then becomes, how to activate revelation with every post?

#2 Lead from the edge

To consistently activate revelation in your audience, you must consistently activate revelation in yourself.

Every shaman’s hut is located at the outskirts of their village. To stand out from the crowd, stand outside it.

From the edge of the crowd, you are free to activate revelation in yourself as a way of being, developing a magnetic field of true gnosis that pervades your presence and everything you create.

When you prioritize your own spiritual evolution above providing value to others, you can provide much more value. Get comfortable with the paradox—such is life at the edge.

When you lead from the edge, revelation is your bread, and those who are lost in the crowd hungry for more will come to be fed.

#3 Don’t “write”, do this instead

The value of your content is not in how well you can logically organize words to form sentences and express ideas. Any semi-intelligent person can do that.

To activate spiritual revelation in your audience, approach content creation as channeling the truth that is revealed to you at the edge.

You are not designing the message; it is designing itself through you.


You clicked on this article to learn how to write engaging posts for Facebook as a spiritual coach, and I have delivered that. But the revelations I’ve activated in you in this short post will take your whole business and personal evolution to a new level if you put them to use.

This is the standard of potent, transformational value you need to deliver to your audience with your content.

When you do, you’ll see engagement like this:

“That is some holy shit right there. I just keep reading it. It's the exact medicine right now. Thank you for this absolute lightning strike of wisdom and clarity."

Hannah T., Relationship Polarity Coach

"Oh my God, this is so good I am barely able to hold it in my consciousness."

Roksana B., Radical Love Coach

"I feel myself melting, opening and activating reading your words, Johanna."

Maria D., Feminine Healing Coach

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