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My love for coffee, personal development, and brand design had an idea party and the result was The Bloom Brew Café, a coffee shop concept brand dedicated to encouraging personal growth and normalizing mental health awareness among students and young professionals.


Client Profile

Client Name: Bloom Brew Café

Business Type: Small, independent coffee shop

Location: A trendy urban neighborhood

Target Audience: Young professionals, students, and coffee enthusiasts

Brand Personality: Modern, welcoming, and focused on customer well-being

Tagline: Comfort coffee for people who grow


Brand Identity

Concept: The logo should feature a combination of a coffee cup and a blooming flower, symbolizing the coffee shop’s emphasis on personal growth. The design should be clean and modern with an illustrative touch.

Color Palette: Earthy yet urban tones.

Typography: A modern and friendly font that complements the logo design.


Packaging & Merch

Coffee Bags: Create a visually appealing coffee bag design that reflects the brand's values. Incorporate the logo and a pattern of coffee beans and flowers.

Merchandise: Illustrate graphics for coffee cups and hoodies.


Web Design

Website: Design a modern, user-friendly website that provides information about the café's location, story, and values, and allows for easy subscription sign-up.



Illustrate a set of icons to be used on the website and social media.

Brand Vibe

Growing out of the cup? Too generic.


Surrounding the base of the cup... Decorative and pointless. Floating in the coffee, same. Spilling out of the cup? Still no depth.


Flowers printed on the cup: Boring.




Aha! The cup IS the flower!



Logo System

Versions of the logo can be used to match a variety of materials and applications. Make sure to apply them appropriately.


  • Use the main combination mark when clarity and memorability are most important (such as on the website and in marketing materials).

  • Use the logomark when emotional appeal is most important (such as on social media and merchandise).

  • Use the wordmark when legibility is most important (such as on invoices and other formal applications).

  • Use the stylized wordmark as an alternative to the main logo to express brand personality.

  • Use the color logomark variation to catch attention and evoke happy associations.

  • Do not distort logo proportions, crop out any part of the design, or display at low resolution.

  • Be mindful of contrast: Avoid displaying these marks on dark backgrounds.

Do's and Don'ts


Stylized Wordmark

Combination Mark


Color Logomark


This flexible palette reflects the brand’s minimalist and humanist values as well as its cozy urban aesthetics.

Usage Guidelines

Use Cloud for backgrounds to maintain a clean, modern look. Use Light Roast for important elements to dictate visual hierarchy and inspire positive action. Use Dark Alley in graphics, illustrations, headings, and body text for clarity and consistency. Pair Cold Sky with Dark Alley to add dimension and subtle emphasis.


These rounded sans-serif fonts keep the brand voice creative, aware, and human while minimizing distraction and emphasizing clean, clear communication.

Elements, Patterns, & Illustrations

These versatile graphics can be used as web icons and social media graphics as well as for print applications like stamp cards, posters, product packaging, merchandise, and more. A simple pattern of cup flowers and coffee beans, graphic elements of coffee drips, beans, and leaves, and illustrations of coffee cups posing as flowers, umbrellas, bathtubs, and eyewear express brand values like personal growth, self-care, awareness, and creativity.


For use on social media, the company website, article publications, advertisements, and more, the brand’s photography style should include brand colors and communicate brand values and aesthetics. Muted and moody filter styles complement images of coffee, cafe interiors, urban landscapes, and people.

Packaging, Merch & Signage

Coffee customers love clever to-go cups! In Bloom Brew's case, pairing brand illustrations with comforting phrases and reminders will help them connect more deeply with customers and inspire natural brand loyalty. 

Unique packaging is everything in the coffee world. For this brand, I paired the logo pattern with the stylized wordmark and only the most vital information about the coffee on the front of the bag for a minimal aesthetic that is still full of memorable and charming personality. 

Even the most inviting small cafes are easy to walk past on a busy city street, and if their signage doesn't grab attention and endear potential customers, it isn't much help. Since this brand is built on the values of self-care and the importance of prioritizing mental health, a sandwich board inviting passers-by to take a break succeeds not only in capturing attention but in emotionally resonating with its audience based on shared values.

Branded merchandise can be a great way to fulfill loyal customers' desire to support small businesses and increase a cafe's total revenue, but if the products are not aligned with the customers' style preferences, they won't sell. This is especially true with fashion merch. Knowing that Bloom Brew's clientele is comprised of mostly college students, I opted for an on-trend, minimalist streetwear style that will blend seamlessly with their current wardrobes. 

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