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If your audience is not experiencing transformative revelation from consuming your free content, they have no reason to think you can activate their next level in a paid container, even if you really can.

The barriers to writing incredible content that does all the heavy lifting for your business from lead generation to sales are all in your head...​

And the solutions are all at the edge of what you currently believe is possible. 
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Johanna Ashira
I'm Johanna Ashira and in my EDGE Content Workshop, you get my hands-on direct support in de-conditioning from limiting beliefs, bringing forth your genius and cultivating
  • Content so powerful that your audience messages you to invest without any further proof of value
  • A deep bond between you and the collective you serve based on shared spiritual values
  • Consistency in your messaging without confining your creativity
  • A brand that effortlessly stands out from your competition, even in a saturated market
  • Powerful organic influence on social media, even on low-reach platforms like Facebook

So that you can start receiving messages like these...

Example of an inbound lead as a result of powerful content marketing
Example of an inbound lead as a result of powerful content marketing
Example of an inbound lead as a result of powerful content marketing

What to expect

You can use the workshop to develop any and all of the following:
  • Social media & blog content 
  • Visual brand elements & promotional graphics
  • Web design & sales copy
  • ​New or revamped product & service offers 
  • Conceptual brand elements like target audience, value proposition & vision
  • Marketing, messaging & scaling strategy

With my flexible subscription model, you can cancel your membership and resubscribe at any time, no questions asked, no fees.

After check-out, you'll instantly receive an email with your link to join the group so you can get started immediately toward seeing results like these... 

What my clients are saying

I had some strange ideas about business before Johanna set me straight. Something about needing to curtail my genius in case it scared off my customers. Johanna taught me that it was my genius that would save my business, not destroy it.

She also helped me uncover what that genius was, and how to present it to attract my most resonant customers. This made the whole process of promoting my business fun again - an expression of my Self - rather than a chore.

Lloyd Powell, Last Mile Counseling
It just feels so much more fun and real to write. That’s the gift. The engagement has gone up - that’s for sure. And I love that. But it’s more like I’m accessing more of that which I REALLY want to bring through.

Jae Schaefer, Life & Soul Guide for Millennials & Gen Z

Bring forth your true brand voice.

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