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Content Marketing + Shadow Integration Workshop Group

Where coaches learn how to turn words into money with shadow work and high-value content.

If you want your content to generate reliable high-quality engagement and pull in leads on autopilot, strategy is not enough. 

Contrary to common misunderstandings, content marketing success is not about

  • Impressing people

  • Being relatable

  • Proving your personal worth

  • Or using the right gimmicks to get the attention you crave.


Whether you are launching, scaling, or trying to save your business with content, the same fundamentals apply-- content marketing is not about you. It's about your audience. 

Research, empathy, problem-solving, and providing and communicating valuable solutions are the simple components of success. 

But these components require skills to implement effectively, and putting your audience first in every content decision is impossible if unprocessed psychic content is clouding your perception, diminishing your willpower, debasing your values, and demanding that you prove yourself worthy of your desires.


If you feel conflicted about content creation, anxious about results, confused about whom you serve, or overwhelmed by the responsibility of content marketing, your own shadow is the only real obstacle between you and content marketing success. The rest is simply a matter of education. 


Here's what to expect when you join the workshop group: 
  1. I'll send you a free copy of my Content Strategy Workbook if you haven't already bought one separately-- this material is required for you to get the most out of the workshop group experience. 

  2. Introduce yourself, your business, your goals, and your challenges in your first post (see pinned post in the group for instructions). 

  3. Next, complete the exercises in the workbook if you haven't yet, and post your results in the group so I can help you optimize your strategy. 

  4. With your goals and challenges in mind, I address your shadows head-on throughout your membership and help you integrate them over time so you can reach your goals. 

  5. The rest of your time in the group is all about implementation. You'll be able to 

  • Get expert feedback on your content before publishing

  • Workshop social media content, blog content, web copy, email copy, and more

  • Get help with strategic content decisions

  • Get ongoing shadow work support

  • And ask questions to deepen your learning. 

Here are the results you'll get:
  • Psychological clarity & inner alignment around business

  • Increased engagement & growth in following

  • Qualified inbound leads & more and easier sales

Group capacity is capped at 10 members at any given time to preserve the quality of service. Membership cost is paid via auto-renewing monthly subscription. Cancel anytime and re-subscribe anytime (provided that there is space), at no extra charge. 

After check-out, you'll receive an email with your link to join the group within 24 hours.

Join the workshop to start earning inbound messages like these with your content

Example of an inbound lead as a result of powerful content marketing
Example of an inbound lead as a result of powerful content marketing
Example of an inbound lead as a result of powerful content marketing

Content Marketing + Shadow Integration Workshop Group


Each month

Turn your words into money with shadow work and high-value content.

Join Workshop

Not into groups?
Apply for 1:1 content marketing and shadow work coaching.

  • ​Private, in-depth constructive content critique 

  • Confidential branding, marketing, and shadow integration guidance

  • Unlimited text and email support

  • 1 90-minute private call every 2 weeks

What my clients are saying

I had some strange ideas about business before Johanna set me straight. Something about needing to curtail my genius in case it scared off my customers. Johanna taught me that it was my genius that would save my business, not destroy it.

She also helped me uncover what that genius was, and how to present it to attract my most resonant customers. This made the whole process of promoting my business fun again - an expression of my Self - rather than a chore.

Lloyd Powell, Last Mile Counseling

It just feels so much more fun and real to write. That’s the gift. The engagement has gone up - that’s for sure. And I love that. But it’s more like I’m accessing more of that which I REALLY want to bring through.

Jae Schaefer, Life & Soul Guide for Millennials & Gen Z

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