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Informational and influential long-form content for creative brands


Without influence, information is dry and hard to digest. Without information, influence lacks substance. 


How do I synthesize the two into content that wins every time? 


Step 1: Research

In-depth research and insightful analysis form the spine of every blog post or article I write. Even on a tight deadline, I try to cover the following research bases.



Disinformation clutters the living annals of the internet. I refuse to contribute to the narrative trash pile. Before I think about writing, I research my topic thoroughly and let my verifiable findings inform concept development. 



Performing topical research usually inspires some ideas, but before I consider implementing them, I turn to the end-readers to learn what they value. If my first concept ideas don't match the intended audience's values and needs, I scrap them and start over more informed. 



The third-party in any business venture is competition. Since one of the main benefits of producing content is the opportunity for differentiation, publishing content with the same information and angle as other businesses in your niche is almost pointless. With so many brands online, it is easy to make this mistake. I avoid it with competitive research.



Without SEO optimization, your content is as good as nonexistent in organic search results. Unless they are provided to me in the project brief, I research relevant keyword options thoroughly to target those with the highest-ranking opportunity. Then, when I begin writing, I strategically and seamlessly weave them into the content.


Step 2: Analysis & Concept Development

Once I understand my topic, audience, competitive market, and related keywords, I switch brains and let my imagination and curiosity mine the information I've gathered to develop a coherent thesis. 


Step 3: Writing & Editing

I work my magic, write for impact, and edit for accuracy. 


How can your business benefit from informative, influential content? 

  • Get more engagement, inbound leads, and sales

  • Grow your brand presence, authority, and positive perception

  • Rank higher in search results

What do past clients say?

"Johanna Ashira is great to work with and an extremely talented writer. She has been writing articles and blog posts for the past few months and every article comes out amazing. I could not be happier with the quality of writing provided by Johanna. She researches the topics in detail before starting to ensure all content is 100% accurate. If you need a professional content writer, then I would recommend utilizing Johanna."

Brandon L. 

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