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Beyond is a concept brand for an urban bicycle shop with a sleek, elegant, yet fierce aesthetic and unwavering commitment to quality. Here's how I designed their logo.


After compiling references and inspiration for the mood and typography, I began the design process by sketching and testing ideas with the goal of creating a streamlined, cohesive logo system containing at least two versions, a wordmark and a symbol.

This font hinted at the elegance I envisioned, so I used it as my primary reference.

Using Procreate and my hand lettering skills, I focused on repeating shapes and compositional balance.

Realizing that the letter "y" resembled a bicycle when rotated, I tried a more illustrative approach.

"Beyond" contains the word "be," so I tried separating it visually to express the brand's existential attitude. 

I tested the limits of elegance vs. sleekness with this abstract logomark made by isolating and rotating the "y," duplicating and flipping it, and editing for balance.


With a developed understanding of what worked and what didn't in the ideation and testing phase, I moved on to finalize my Procreate sketches by vectorizing the winning images and editing the fine details.

Chosen for its legibility, scalability, and compositional balance when compared with my other ideas, this simple wordmark expresses the sleek elegance and organic ferocity needed to survive the urban jungle as a cyclist.

Because the name is abstract, the brand needed an expanded wordmark including a simple tagline stating their services for clarity. I chose Helvetica and italicized it for visual interest and a subtle sense of movement.

After testing more complex combinations of the letter "y" to form a symbol mark, I eventually settled on a singular rotated instance of the shape for its superior embodiment of the brand's aesthetic, subtle pictorial representation of a bike, and visual consistency with the wordmark.

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