Get Clear

Take the masterclass to learn how to recognize and integrate your business shadows so that you can see results like Chris. 

Identify Your Shadows

The most common unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors coaches act out in their marketing and branding can be mapped into 4 business shadow archetypes. Learn the values and behaviors of each archetype to identify which ones you see in yourself.

Transform your behavior

Get the step-by-step plan to transform each business shadow archetype and preview their integrated forms, functions, and behaviors with vivid descriptions and examples, so you know what to aim for as you shed the shadow content to reveal what it’s been hiding.

Reveal your genius

Increase your reach, engagement, lead intake, and sales by learning how to thrive even in uncertainty, develop unshakeable self-trust, execute on inspired gnosis without hesitation, and more. Your business value, sovereignty, power, and magic never went anywhere— they were just hidden in the shadows.