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I'm Johanna Ashira.

I help spiritual coaches find their brand voice and content marketing genius.

You get to be YOU in your marketing.

The only content marketing strategy you need is to let the torrent of genius that is already burgeoning within you loose.

You don't need to be "relatable". You don't need to post every day. You don't even need to be a "great" writer. You need to relax.

When you show up powerfully, confidently, and with unfettered authentic presence in your content, marketing your services becomes an act of self-expression that organically inspires revelation, engagement, and inbound leads. 

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Content from the EDGE

PDF guide to content marketing mastery for spiritual coaches
Learn how to grow your organic engagement, magnetize qualified inbound leads, and bring forth your genius with content from the edge.
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Content Workshop

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Get expert feedback on your content, unlearn your limiting beliefs, discover your innate marketing genius, and relax into your true brand voice.
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Start seeing feedback like this on your content...

"That is some holy shit right there. I just keep reading it. It's the exact medicine right now. Thank you for this absolute lightning strike of wisdom and clarity."

Hannah T., Relationship Coach

Content marketing advice from the edge

Visit my blog for my best tips on how to successfully market your spiritual services on social with potent content and authentic brand presence.

Still trying to find your target audience?

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The "Target Audience" Lie by Johanna Ashira